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Bartholomew of Braga

BARTHOLOMEW OF BRAGA (known also as Bartholomæus de Martyribus from the church in Lisbon in which he was baptized): Archbishop of Braga 1558-82; b. at Lisbon 1514; d. at Viana (on the coast of Portugal, 40 m. n. of Oporto) July 16, 1590. He belonged to the Dominican order and took part in the Council of Trent, the decisions of which he introduced into Portugal. He founded the first clerical seminary in Portugal and won well-deserved renown by establishing hospitals and hospices. In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII allowed him to resign his office, and thenceforth he lived as simple monk in the monastery of Viana, giving instruction and performing works of mercy. He wrote Biblical commentaries, a Portuguese catechism, and a Compendium doctrinæ spiritualis (Lisbon, 1582; many later editions). An edition of his works, with life, by Malachias d’Inguimbert appeared in two volumes at Rome, 1727.

K. Benrath.

« Bartholomew Bartholomew of Braga Bartholomew of Brescia »
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