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Barrows, John Henry

BARROWS, JOHN HENRY: Congregationalist; b. at Medina, Mich., July 11, 1847; d. at Oberlin, Ohio, June 3, 1902. He was graduated at Olivet College, Michigan, 1867; studied theology at the Yale Divinity School and Union Theological Seminary, New York, 1867-69, and at Andover, 1874-75; was ordained pastor of the Eliot Congregational Church, Lawrence, Mass., 1875; was pastor of Maverick Church, East Boston, 1880-81; of the First Presbyterian Church, Chicago, 1881-96; president of Oberlin College, Jan., 1899, till his death. He was chairman of the committee on religious conferences of the Columbian exposition of 1893, organized the Parliament of Religions at Chicago in that year, and published an account of it (2 vols., Chicago, 1893); his Haskell lectures at the University of Chicago, 1895, were repeated, with many other addresses, in India and Japan the following year and were published under the title Christianity the World Religion (1897); in 1898 he was Morse lecturer at the Union Theological Seminary upon the topic The Christian Conquest of Asia (New York, 1899).

Bibliography: Mary E. Barrows, John Henry Barrows, a Memoir, New York, 1905 (by his daughter).

« Barrow, Isaac Barrows, John Henry Barrows, Samuel June »
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