« Baden Baden (Im Aargau), Conference of Baden (In Baden), Conference of »

Baden (Im Aargau), Conference of

BADEN (IM AARGAU), CONFERENCE OF: An early attempt to check the Reformation in Switzerland. It met at Baden in Aargau, May 21, 1526, and closed June 8. The assembly was large and brilliant, the cities, with the exception of Zurich, having very generally sent their delegates and theologians. The chief speakers for the Reformation were Œcolampadius and Berthold Haller; for the Roman Catholics Eck, Faber, and Murner. The entire conduct of the assembly was in the hands of the opponents of the Reformation and its decision against the latter was a foregone conclusion. Its decrees, however, had little influence on the popular mind, and indiscreet efforts to give them practical effect brought them still further into disfavor. The acts were published by Murner (Lucerne, 1527).

Bibliography: Schaff, Christian Church, vii, 98-102, New York, 1892.

« Baden Baden (Im Aargau), Conference of Baden (In Baden), Conference of »
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