« Bacher, Wilhelm Bachiarius Bachmann, Philipp »


BACHIARIUS, bak-i-ɑ̄´ri-us: An author, presumably a monk (cf. Gennadius of Marseilles, Script. eccl., xxiv), to whom are ascribed two writings: (1) a Liber de fide, in which he defends his orthodoxy against attacks, probably of the Priscillianists (cf. Priscillian, ed. G. Schepss, CSEL, xviii, 1889, index, p. 167); and (2) a Liber de reparatione lapsi ad Januarium, in which he takes the part of a monk whose offenses against morality had been treated with extreme rigor by his abbot.

G. Krüger.

Bibliography: The works are in MPL, xx. Consult Fessler-Jungmann, Institutiones patrologiœ, vol. ii, part 1, 418-427 Innsbruck, 1892; S. Berger, Histoire de la Vulgate, p. 28, Nancy, 1893; (G. L. Hahn, Bibliothek der Symbole, § 208, Leipsic, 1897; F. Kattenbusch, Das apostolische Symbol, i-ii, passim, Leipsic, 1894-1900.

« Bacher, Wilhelm Bachiarius Bachmann, Philipp »
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