« Auricular Confession Aurifaber, (Goldschmid), Andreas Aurifaber, Johannes, of Breslau »

Aurifaber, (Goldschmid), Andreas

AURIFABER, au-rî-fā´ber (GOLDSCHMID), ANDREAS: German physician and theologian, best known in connection with the Osiandrian controversy in Prussia; b. at Breslau 1514; d. at Königsberg Dec. 12, 1559. He began his studies at 374Wittenberg in 1527 and there gained the friendship of Melanchthon. In 1529 he became rector of the Latin school at Danzig and two years later accepted a similar post at Elbing. The bounty of Duke Albert of Prussia enabled him to pursue the study of medicine at Wittenberg and in Italy, and after 1545 he was physician to the Duke and professor of physics and medicine in the newly established university at Königsberg, issuing, in the performance of his duties, a number of treatises on physics and physiology. In 1550 he married a daughter of Osiander and thus became involved in the bitter controversy aroused by the latter’s views on justification and grace (see Osiander, Andreas). After Osiander’s death in 1552, Aurifaber, who in the preceding year had been made rector of the university, became the leader of the Osiandrian party and made use of his office and his influence over the duke to crush the rival faction in Prussia, driving its adherents from the university in 1554. In pursuance of the same object he traveled extensively throughout Germany and by his activity aroused the bitter hatred of the conservatives, who assailed him with extreme virulence. Aurifaber, however, retained his influence till his death, which occurred suddenly, in the antechamber of the duke.

G. Kawerau.

« Auricular Confession Aurifaber, (Goldschmid), Andreas Aurifaber, Johannes, of Breslau »
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