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Aspersion with Holy Water

ASPERSION WITH HOLY WATER: A rite of frequent use in the Roman Catholic Church. It has a place in the administration of baptism and extreme unction, in the nuptial blessing, and in the ceremonies of sepulture, as well as in the consecration of objects for divine worship and in blessings of all kinds. Persons entering or leaving a church make the sign of the cross with holy water. A solemn form of aspersion, practised in 319parish churches every Sunday before the high mass, is called the Asperges, from the first word of the antiphon usually intoned by the officiating priest. The explanation of the use of holy water in aspersions is found in the prayer said at the time when it is blessed,—that, wherever it is sprinkled, the invocation of God’s name may drive away all evil spirits and every temptation, and that the Holy Spirit by his presence may comfort all who implore the divine mercy. See Holy Water.

John T.Creagh.

« Asmoneans Aspersion with Holy Water Ass »
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