« Asceticism Aschheim, Synod of Asherah »

Aschheim, Synod of

ASCHHEIM, ash´haim, SYNOD OF: A synod held in a village of what is now Bavaria, a little to the east of Munich. The church there is mentioned in the seventh century. The year of the synod is not definitely named; but since Tassilo is mentioned as prince, and as still very young, and since its decrees are evidently influenced by those of the Frankish synod of Verneuil (July 11, 755), it must have been held either in the latter half of that year or in 756. Its canons are directed partly to the regulation of various ecclesiastical relations (ii, for the security of churches, and iv, of church 312property; v, payment of tithes; xiii, recognition of the canonical law as to marriage) and partly to the affirmation of the rights of the episcopate (iii, power over church property; vi, subordination of the clergy, and viii, ix, of monks and nuns; xiv, xv, spiritual oversight in courts of justice).

A. Hauck.

Bibliography: The Capitula are in MGH, Leg., iii (1863), 457–459; ib. Concil., ii (1904), 56–58. Consult Hefele, Conciliengeschichte, iii, 597–602; Hauck, KD, 1890, ii, 399.

« Asceticism Aschheim, Synod of Asherah »
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