« Arnulf, Saint, of Metz Arrowsmith, John Arsenius »

Arrowsmith, John

ARROWSMITH, JOHN: Puritan and Presbyterian; b. near Newcastle-on-Tyne Mar. 29, 1602; d. at Cambridge and was buried Feb. 24, 1659. He was educated at Cambridge, where he became fellow of St. Catherine’s Hall (1623). He was successively incumbent of St. Nicholas’s Chapel, King’s Lynn (1631); master of St. John’s College, Cambridge (1644); rector of St. Martin’s, Ironmonger Lane, London (1645), and member of the sixth London classis; vice-chancellor of Cambridge University (1647); regius professor of divinity there (1651); master of Trinity College (1653). He sat in the Westminster Assembly of Divines (1643). Robert Baillie describes him as “a man with a glass eye in place of that which was put out by an arrow, a learned divine, on whom the Assembly put the writing against the Antinomians.” He was on the committee to draw up a confession of faith, and preached thrice before Parliament, the sermons being published: The Covenant-Avenging Sword Brandished [Lev. xxvi. 25] (London, 1643, 4to, pp. 28); England’s Eben-ezer [I Sam. vii. 12] (1645, 4to, pp. 34); A Great Wonder in Heaven; or, a lively Picture of the Militant Church, drawn by a Divine Penman [Rev. xii. 1, 2] (1647, 4to, pp. 44). While at Cambridge he published Tactica sacra, sive de milite spirituali pugnante, vincente, et triumphante dissertatio (Cambridge, 1657, 4to, pp. 363), containing also three Orationes anti-Weigelianæ. After his death there were published: Armilla catechetica, A Chain of Principles; or, an orderly Concatenation of Theological Aphorisms and Exercitations, wherein the chief Heads of Christian Religion are asserted and improved (Cambridge, 1659, 4to, pp. 490), an unfinished work designed to form a complete body of divinity in thirty aphorisms, only six of which were completed, covering for the most part the ground of the first twenty questions of the larger Westminster Catechism, in essentially the same order; also θεανθρωπος or God-Man (London, 1660, 4to, pp. 311), an exposition of the Gospel of John i. 1–18, discussing the divinity and humanity of Christ, and maintaining the Catholic doctrine against all heresies.

C. A. Briggs.

« Arnulf, Saint, of Metz Arrowsmith, John Arsenius »
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