« Arnulf of Lisieux Arnulf, Saint, of Metz Arrowsmith, John »

Arnulf, Saint, of Metz

ARNULF, SAINT, OF METZ: Bishop of Metz; b. about 580; d. July 18 of an unknown year, according to Sigebert of Gembloux (Chron., MGH, Script., vi., 1844, p. 324) 640. He early distinguished himself in deeds of arms and affairs of state, but later devoted himself to an ecclesiastical career, and in 611 or 612 was made bishop of Metz. In this position he exercised considerable influence on the government of the Frankish kingdom, as a friend of Pepin of Landen, and enjoying the confidence of the Austrasian magnates. It was to him more than to any other that Clothair II. of Neustria owed his attainment of the dominion of Austrasia. Arnulf had been married as a young man, and through his son Ansegis, who married Pepin’s daughter Begga, he became the ancestor of the 305Carolingian house. Amid all his dignities, he longed for the peace of the contemplative life; probably in 627 he resigned his see and retired into the wilderness of the Vosges, where he lived as a hermit near his friend Romarich, the founder of the abbey of Remiremont. His body rests in the church at Metz which bears his name.

(A. Hauck.)

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« Arnulf of Lisieux Arnulf, Saint, of Metz Arrowsmith, John »
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