« Arnobius Arnobius the Younger Arnold of Brescia »

Arnobius the Younger

ARNOBIUS THE YOUNGER: Reputed author of certain writings, concerning which scholars are not agreed except that they belong to the fifth century. They include: (1) Commentarii in psalmos, which are usually thought to be the work of a semi-Pelagian Gaul, though they may have been written in Rome; (2) Adnotationes ad quædam evangeliorum loca, which seems to have been used in the supposed gospel-commentary of Theophilus of Antioch (q.v.); (3) Arnobii catholici et Serapionis conflictus de Deo trino et uno; (4) The so called Prædestinatus, which may have been the work of this mysterious Arnobius (see Prædestinatus).

G. Krüger.

Bibliography: The works are in MPL, liii. Consult DCB, i. 170; T. Zahn, Forschungen zur Geschichte des Kanons, ii. 104–119, Erlangen, 1883; A. Harnack, in TU, i. 4, 152–153, Leipsic, 1883; S. Bäumer, in Der Katholik, ii. (1887) 398–406; A. Engelbrecht, Patristische Analekten, pp.97–99, Vienna, 1892; B. Grundl, in TQ, lxxix. (1897) 555–568: G. Morin, in Revue bénédictine, xx., Maredsous, 1903; H. von Schubert, in TU, new ser., ix. 4, Leipsic, 1903.

« Arnobius Arnobius the Younger Arnold of Brescia »
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