« Apologetics Aportanus, Georg Apostasy »

Aportanus, Georg

APORTANUS, ap"ōr-tɑ̄´nus, GEORG (Jurien, or Jürjen, van der Dare, Daere, or Dure): Early follower of Luther in East Friesland; b. at Zwolle; d. in the autumn of 1530. He was brought up in Zwolle by the Brethren of the Common Life, and became teacher in their school. In 1518 Count Edzard of East Friesland called him to Emden to educate his sons. With the support of the count, he began to preach Luther’s doctrines at Norden in 1519, was excluded from the pulpit in consequence, and then preached in the open air till the importunity of the people brought him back as chief pastor. In 1529 he held a disputation at Oldersum, presided over by the influential Ulrich of Dornum, and induced many to adopt Luther’s teachings.

L. Schulze.

« Apologetics Aportanus, Georg Apostasy »
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