« Antiochus, Kings Antiochus, Abbot Antipas »

Antiochus, Abbot

ANTIOCHUS: Abbot of Mar Saba (about 3 hours s.w. of Jerusalem), early in the seventh century, a Galatian by birth. He wrote a work entitled in Greek “Pandect of the Holy Scriptures,” a collection of moral sayings from the Bible and the older Church Fathers. An introductory epistle describes the martyrdom of forty-four monks of Mar Saba and the capture of Jerusalem when the Persian king Chosroes II. conquered Palestine (614), and the last chapter gives a list of heretics beginning with Simon Magus. Another of his works, Exomologesis, also depicts the sufferings of Jerusalem.

Bibliography: MPG, lxxxix.

« Antiochus, Kings Antiochus, Abbot Antipas »
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