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Andrew of Carniola

ANDREW OF CARNIOLA: Archbishop of Carniola (Krain) in the fifteenth century. He was a Slavonian, and became a Dominican monk. Through the favor of the Emperor Frederick III. he was made archbishop of Carniola with residence at Laibach. He assumed the title “Cardinal of San Sisto.” In 1482 he went to Switzerland and tried to get a general council convened at Basel. On July 21 he nailed a formal arraignment of Pope Sixtus IV. to the doors of the cathedral, accompanying it with a demand for a council. The pope excommunicated him, and the local authorities put him in prison, where he was found dead on Nov. 13, 1484, probably having committed suicide. His secretary, Peter Numagen of Treves, thought him crazy.

Bibliography: Peter Numagen, Gesta archiepiscopi Craynensis, in J. H. Hottinger, Historiæ ecclesiasticæ Novi Testamenti, iv. 347-604, Zurich, 1654; J. Burckhardt, Erzbischof Andreas von Krain und der letzte Conzilsversuch in Basel, 1182-84, Basel, 1852; E. Frantz, Sixtus IV. und die Republik Flarenz, pp. 433 sqq., Regensburg, 1880.

« Andrew of Cæsarea Andrew of Carniola Andrew of Crete »
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