« Andrada, Antonio D Andrada, Didacus, Andrea, Jakob »

Andrada, Didacus,

ANDRADA, DIDACUS, did´ɑ-cus (DIOGO) PAYVA D’: Theologian; b. at Coimbra, Portugal, July 26, 1528; d. at Lisbon Dec. 1, 1575. He joined the Jesuits, taught theology at Coimbra, and was one of the Portuguese delegates to the Council of Trent. He replied to Martin Chemnitz’s attack on the Jesuits (Theologtiæ Jesuitarum præcipua capita, Leipsic, 1562), in his Explicationum orthodoxarum de controversis religionis capitibus libri decem (Venice and Cologne, 1564; the first book, De origins Societatis Jesu, was published separately at Louvain, 1566, and, in French at Lyons, 1565). Chemnitz then wrote his celebrated Examen concilii Tridentini quadripartitum (Frankfort, 1565-73). Andrada was prevented by death from finishing his reply, but what he had prepared was published under the title, Defensio Tridentinæ fidei catholicæ quinque libri (Lisbon, 1578). See Chemnitz. He was a brother of the Augustinian monk known as Thomas a Jesu.

Bibliography: H. Hurter, Nomenclator literarius recentioris theologiæ catholicæ, i. 43 sqq., Innsbruck, 1892.

« Andrada, Antonio D Andrada, Didacus, Andrea, Jakob »
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