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Amon, King of Judah

AMON, ê´mɵn, KING OF JUDAH: Fourteenth king of Judah, son and successor of Manasseh. He reigned, according to the old chronology, 642-641 B.C.; according to Kamphausen, 640-639; 157 according to Hommel, 641-640. During his short reign nothing of importance took place. Judah, which was tributary to the Assyrians, enjoyed peace. Amon walked in the ways of his father, Manasseh, imitated the Assyrians in worshiping the heavenly bodies, and continued the Baal and Moloch cults. His servants conspired against him and slew him. The “people of the land” rose up against the conspirators, slew them, and made Josiah, his son, eight years old, king in his stead. His history is found in II Kings xxi. 18-26; II Chron. xxxiii. 20-25.

(W. Lotz).

Bibliography: Consult the works mentioned under Ahab.

« Amon, Egyptian Deity Amon, King of Judah Amorites »
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