« Alvar of Cordova Alypius, Saint Alzog, Johann Baptist »

Alypius, Saint

ALYPIUS, SAINT: 1. A saint of the Roman Calendar; b. of a prominent family at Thagaste, Numidia, in the fourth century. He became a pupil of Augustine in Carthage and later one of his most devoted friends, and was converted from Manicheanism by him. He preceded Augustine to Rome to study law and was assessor there to the court of the Italian treasury. When Augustine went to Milan, Alypius accompanied him, attended the preaching of Ambrose, was converted to Christianity, and baptized with Augustine on Easter, 387. With Augustine he returned to Africa and lived with him at Thagaste till in 391 Augustine became bishop of Hippo and Alypius abbot of a monastery at Thagaste. In 394 he became bishop of Thagaste and survived Augustine. His day is Aug. 15. He is mentioned many times in Augustine’s “Confessions” (vi. 7-16 and elsewhere), and several of Augustine’s letters to him have been preserved.

2. A saint of the Greek Calendar; b. at Adrianople about 550. In imitation of Simeon he stood upon a pillar, hence was called The Stylite. He 145 is said to have died at the age of 108, and to have spent his last fifty years on his pillar. His day is Nov. 26. See Stylites.

Bibliography: 1. ASB, Aug., iii. 201-208. 2. Simeon Metaphrastes, Vita sancti Alypii Cionitas, ed. L. Surius, in De probatis sanctorum historiis, Nov., vi. 588-595, Cologne, 1575.

« Alvar of Cordova Alypius, Saint Alzog, Johann Baptist »
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