« Alleine, Richard Allemand, Louis D Allen, Alexander Viets Griswold »

Allemand, Louis D

ALLEMAND, ɑ̄l´´mɑ̄(ALEMAN), LOUIS D’: Archbishop of Arles and cardinal; b. of noble family at the castle of Arbent (in the old district of Bugey, 55 m. n.e. of Lyons), department of Ain, 1380 or 1381; d. at Salon (28 m. w.n.w. of Marseilles), department of Bouches du Rhône, Sept. 16, 1450. While quite young he was made canon of Lyons; he became magister and decretorum doctor and as such took part in the Council of Constance; in 1418 he became bishop of Magelone, in 1423 archbishop of Arles, and in 1426 cardinal with the title of St. Cecilia. During the council at Basel, he became the center of the opposition against pope Eugenius IV., and when in 1438 the rupture occurred between the council and the pope, Allemand was the only cardinal who remained at Basel and directed the transactions. Eugenius declared that Allemand and all who had taken part in the council had forfeited their dignities, but Allemand continued to work in favor of the council and in the interest of the election of Felix V. When, however, this antipope resigned (1449), and the Fathers of Basel submitted to Pope Nicholas V., Allemand also was restored. He died in the odor of sanctity, and was buried at Arles. Clement VII. beatified him in 1527.

Paul Tschackert.

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« Alleine, Richard Allemand, Louis D Allen, Alexander Viets Griswold »
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