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Alexander of Hierapolis

ALEXANDER OF HIERAPOLIS, hɑi´´e-rap´ō-lis: Bishop of Hierapolis and metropolitan of the province Euphratensis. He was prominent at the third ecumenical council (Ephesus, 431) as a fierce opponent of Cyril and leader of the left wing of the Antiochians. He persisted in his opposition even after the more moderate had acknowledged the orthodoxy of Cyril, and, in consequence, was finally deposed and banished to Famothis in Egypt. Suidas ascribes to him a treatise: “What Did Christ Bring New into the World?"

G. Krüger.

Bibliography: Mansi, Concilia, iv. 1330-31, v. 851-965 (letters from him or to him or concerning him); Hefele, Conciliengeschichte, ii., Eng. transl., vol. iii. passim; DCB, i. 83-85.

« Alexander of Hales Alexander of Hierapolis Alexander Jannæus »
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