RAND, WILLIAM WILBERFORCE: Reformed (Dutch); b. at Gorham, Me., Dec. 8, 1816; d. at Yonkers Mar. 3, 1909. He was graduated from Bowdoin College, 1837, and from Bangor Theological Seminary, 1840; licensed to preach as a Congregational minister, 1840; pastor of the Dutch Reformed Church of Canastota, N. Y., 1841-14; editor for the American Tract Society, New York, 1848-72; and publishing secretary of the same, 1872-1902. He was the author of Songs of Zion (New York, 1851; revised and enlarged, 1865); and Dictionary of the Bible for General Use (1860; enlarged and largely rewritten, 1886), which was prepared on the basis of Edward Robinson's Dictionary of the Holy Bible New York, 1845).

RANDALL, RICHARD WILLIAM: Church of England; b. in London Apr. 13, 1824; d. at Bournemouth (24 m. s.w. of Southampton) Dec. 23, 1906. He was educated at Christ Church, Oxford (B.A., 1846), and was ordered deacon in 1847 and ordained priest in the following year. He was curate of Binfield (1847-51), rector of Woollavington with Graffham, Sussex (1851-68), and vicar of All Saints', Clifton (1868-92); and was dean of Chichester from 1892 till his retirement from active life in 1902. He was honorary canon of Bristol after 1891 and rural dean of Chichester after 1899, and was select preacher at Oxford in 1893-94. He was author of Life in the Catholic Church (London, 1889); Addresses and Meditations for a Retreat (1890); and Some Aspects of the Holy Eucharist, Communion, Sacrifice, Worship (1897).

RANDOLPH, ALFRED MAGILL: Protestant Episcopal bishop of southern Virginia; b. at Winchester, Va., Aug. 31, 1836. IIe was educated at William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Va. (B.A., 1855), and at the Theological Seminary of Virginia (graduated 1858). He was ordered deacon in 1858 and ordained priest in 1860; was rector of St. George's, Fredericksburg, Va. (1860-62), chaplain in the Confederate Army until the close of the Civil War; rector of Christ Church, Alexandria, Va. (1865-67), and of Emmanuel Church, Baltimore, Md. (1867-83). He was consecrated bishop-coadjutor of Virginia (1883), and when this diocese was divided in 1892 into the two dioceses of Virginia and Southern Virginia, he became bishop of the newly erected see. He has written Reason, Faith, and Authority in. Christianity (New York, 1902).

BIBLIOGRAPHY: W. S. Perry, The Episcopate in America, p. 279, New York, 1895.


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