RADE, ra'de, PAUL MARTIN: German Lutheran; b. at Rennersdorf (a village near Herrnhut, 9 m. n.w. of Zittau), Silesia, Apr. 4, 1857. He was educated at the University of Leipsic (1875-1879), was private tutor (1879-81), and pastor at Schönbach-bei-Löbau (1882-92), and at St. Paul's, Frankfort (1892-99). In 1899 he removed to Marburg, where he became privat-docent in 1900, and associate professor of systematic theology in 1904. Besides editing the Christliche Welt, which he founded in 1886, and being assistant editor of Zeitachraft fur Theologie and Kirche, he has written Damasus, Bischof von Rom (Freiburg, 1882); Bedarf Luther wider Janssen der Verteidigung? (Leipsie, 1883); Reden fiber Trunksucht (Dresden, 1884); Dr. Martin Luthers Leben, Taten, and Meinungen (3 vols., Neustadt, 1834-87); Hutten and Sickingen (Barmen, 1887); Die Konfessionen und die soziale Frage (Leipsic, 1891); Unsere Landegemeinden and das Gemeindeideal (1891); Der rechte evangelische Glaube (1892); Spener in Frankfurt (Frankfort, 1893); Zu Christus hin (Freiburg, 1897); Die Religion im modernen Geistesleben (1898); Religion and Moral (Giessen, 1898); Die religios-sittliche Gedankenwelt unserer Industriearbeiter (Göttingen, 1898); Die Wahrheit der christlichen Religion (Tübingen, 1899); Reine Lehre, eine Forderung des Glaubens and nicht des Rechtes (1900); Die Leitsätze der eraten and zweiten Auflagen von Schleiernuachers Glaubenslehre (1904); Unbewusates Christentum (1905); Das religiose Wunder and anderes (1909); and Die Stellung des Christentums zum Geschlechtsleben (1910).


RAEBIGER, rê'big-er, JULIUS FERDINAND: German theologian; b. at Lohsa (42 m. n.e. of Dresden) Apr. 20, 1811; d. at Breslau Nov. 18, 1891. He studied at Breslau and Leipsic; entered the faculty at Breslau in 1838; was associate professor, 1847-59; and professor after 1859. He lectured on Old- and New-Testament theology and on theological encyclopedia. Opposed to extremes in theological position, he represented a middle ground of independence and reality in theology as well as church affairs. He published the Kritische Untersuchungen über den Inhalt der beiden Briefs tan die Korinther Gemeinde (Breslau, 1847; 2d ed., 1886); De Christologia Paulina contra Bauraum (1852); and De librt Jobi sententia primaria (1860). His main work was Theologik oder Encyklopäie der Theologie (Leipsic, 1880; Eng. transl., Encyclopedia of Theology, 2 vols., Edinburgh, 1884-85), in which he held forth that, viewing theology as an independent science, encyclopedia is neither a mechanical grouping of the departments of theology nor a mere methodology, but an independent organic unity, touching in its circumference the whole sphere of knowledge.




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