RENAUDOT, re-nau'do, EUSEBE: French Roman Catholic; b. at Paris July 20, 1646; d. there Sept. 1, 1720. He was educated by the Jesuits, and for a month was an Oratorian, after which he became a secular priest. In 1700 he accompanied Cardinal Noailles to the conclave at Rome, and on his return began a series of works on the history of the East and the harmony of the Greek and Roman churches as regards the Eucharist. These comprise: Defense de la perpétuité de la foi catholique (Paris, 1708); La Perpétuité de la foi de l'église catholique touchant l'eucharistie (1711); De la perpétuité de la foi de l'église sur les sacrements et autres points que les réformateurs ont pris pour prétexte de leur schisme (2 vols., 1713); Gennadii patriarchæ Contstantinopolitani homiliæ de eucharistia, Meletii Alexandrini, Nectarii Hierosolymitani, Miletii Syrigi et aliorum (1709); Historia patriarcharum Alexandrinorum Jacobitarum a Sancto Marco usque ad


finem sæculi tertii decimi
(1713); and Liturgiarum orientalium collectio (2 vols., 1715-16; Eng. transl., A Collection of the Principal Liturgies, P. Le Brun, Dublin, 1822). Mention should also be made of his Anciennes relations des Indes et de la Chine de deux voyageurs mahométans (Paris, 1718; Eng. transl., Ancient Accounts of India and China, London, 1733.)


BIBLIOGRAPHY: Niceron, Mémmoires, xii. 25 sqq., xx.; Bore, Hist. de l'académie des inscriptions, vol. v., Journal des savants, 1689, Paris, 1709; KL, x. 1054-55; Lichtenberger, ESR, xi. 210-211.

RENDALL, GERALD HENRY: Church of England; b. at Harrow (10 m. n.w. of London) Jan. 25, 1851. He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A., 1874; fellow, 1875; M.A., 1877; B.D., 1909), where he was fellow and assistant tutor until 1880; was made deacon, 1898, and priest, 1899; was lecturer and assistant tutor at Trinity College, Cambridge (1875-80); was principal and Gladstone professor of Greek at University College, Liverpool (1881-98); vice-chancellor of Victoria University (1890-94); a member of the Gresham University Committee (1892-93); and Lady Margaret preacher at Cambridge, 1901. Since 1898 he has been head master of the Charterhouse School. In theology he is a liberal Anglican. He prepared an edition, translation, and commentary of the Epistle of Barnabas for W. Cunningham's Dissertation on, the Epistle of Saint Barnabas (2 parts, London, 1877) and the life of Pliny for J. E. B. Mayor's edition of the third book of the Epistolæ (1880), besides translating the "Meditations" of Marcus Aurelius (1898); and has written The Emperor Julian, Paganism, and Christianity (Cambridge, 1879) The Cradle of the Aryans (London, 1889); and The Epistles of St. Paul to the Corinthians: a Study personal and historical of the Date and Composition of the Epistles (1909).


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