PRINCE, THOMAS: Congregationalist; b. at Sandwich, Mass., May 15, 1687; d. in Boston Oct. 22, 1758, He was graduated at Harvard College, 1707; visited Barbados and Madeira; preached for several years at Coombs and other places in England; returned to Boston, 1717, and in 1718 was ordained associate pastor of the Old South Church, Boston. His memory rests upon his Chronological History of New England in the Form of Annals . . . with an Introduction Containing a Brief Epitome . . . of Events Abroad from the Creation (vol. i., Boston, 1736; nos. 1, 2, 3 of vol. ii., 1755; ed. Nathan Hale, Boston, 1826; ed. S. G. Drake, 1852). The history proper begins with 1602. He intended to bring it down to 1730; but almost twenty years elapsed after the appearance of the first volume, ere he began the second; and, his death coming soon' after, he brought the history down no later than Aug. 5, 1633. During the Revolutionary War many of his manuscripts, kept in the tower of the Old South Church, were destroyed, and thus a large part of his invaluable collection respecting the early history of the country has perished. Besides this, he published a number of sermons, and An Account of the Earthquakes of New England (1755), and New England Psalm Book Revised and Improved (1758). His library, including his manuscripts, was bequeathed to the Old South Church, and by it deposited in the Public Library, Boston, 1866, of which a catalogue has been published.


BIBLIOGRAPHY: W. B. Sprague, Annals of the American Pulpit, i. 304-307, New York, 1859; W. Walker, in American Church History Series, iii. 110, 264-286, 274, 1894; idem, Ten New England Leaders, pp. 38, 40, 279, 364, ib. 1901.

PRINS, JAN JACOB: Dutch theologian; b. at Langezwaag in Friesland in 1814; d. at Leyden May 24, 1898. He studied in Amsterdam and at Leyden; was Reformed pastor at Eemnes-Binnendyks (Utrecht), 1838; Alkmaar and Rotterdam, 1843-55; professor of exegetical and practical theology at Leyden, 1855-76, and of New-Testament criticism and hermeneutics, and of history of primitive Christian literature, in the same university, from 1876 till he retired in 1885. He was one of the synodical translators of the New Testament, and the author of Disputatio theologica inauguralis de locis Euangelistarum, in quibus Jesus baptismi ritum subiisse traditur (Amsterdam, 1838); De Realiteit van's Heeren Opstanding uit de dooden (Leyden, 1861); Wetenschap en Kerk in hare wederzijdsche betrekking (1867); De Christetijke Zedeleer, de Geschiedenis des Bijbels en der Christelijke Kerk (6 parts, Amsterdam, 1878); De Maaltijd des Heeren in de Karinthische Gemeente, ten tilde van Paulus (Leyden, 1868); Over de Studie der Godgeleerdheid en de keuze van het predikambt in de Heruormde Kerk (Amsterdam, 1868); and Het Kerkrecht der Nederlandsehe Heruormde Kerk (Leyden, 1870).


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