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General Literature.

There are no complete collections of Protestant Creeds, but several separate collections of the Lutheran and of the Reformed Creeds, which will be noticed below under the proper sections. The Corpus et Syntagma, Confessionum fidei, Genev. 1654, is chiefly Calvinistic, and the Oxford Sylloge Confessionum sub tempus reformandæ ecclesiæ editarum, 1827 (pp. 454), contains only six confessions (including the Prof. Fidei Trid. and the Confessio Saxonica).

On the general history and principles of the Reformation, the reader is referred to the works, correspondence, and numerous biographies of the Reformers (e.g. the Corpus Reformatorum, ed. Bretschneider and Bindseil: Luther's Letters, by De Wette, supplemented by Seidemann: Calvin's Works, new edition by Baum, Cunitz, and Reuss; his Letters, by Bonnet; Herminjard's Correspondance des Réformateurs dans les pays de langue française; Strype's Ecclesiastical Memorials, etc.; the publications of the Parker Society); and the historical works of Sleidan, Seckendorf, Salig, De Thou, Hottinger, Hess, Marheineke, Ranke, Merle D'aubigné, Hagenbach (fourth edition, 1870), Geo. P. Fisher; also Schaff (Principle of Protestantism, 1845), Dorner (Geschichte der Protest. Theologie, 1867, pp. 77–329, Engl. transl. Edinb. 1871, 2 vols.), Kahnis (Die Deutsche Reformation, Leipz. 1872). See lists of literature in Gieseler, Church History, Vol. IV. pp. 9 sqq. (Anglo-Amer. edition), and Geo. P. Fisher (of Yale College), The Reformation, New York, 1873, Appendix II. pp. 567–591.

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