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Section XXVII.

[1] 18681868    Matt. xviii. 23.Therefore the kingdom of heaven is like a certain king, who would make a [2] reckoning with his servants.  18691869    Matt. xviii. 24.And when he began to make it, they brought to him 85one who [3] owed him ten talents.18701870    Lit. badras, an amount variously estimated.  18711871    Matt. xviii. 25.And because he had not wherewith to pay, his lord ordered that he should be sold, he, and his wife, and children, and all that he [4] had, and payment be made.  18721872    Matt. xviii. 26.So that servant fell down and worshipped him, and said unto him, My lord, have patience with me, and I shall pay thee everything.  [5] 18731873    Matt. xviii. 27.And the lord of that servant had compassion, and released him, and forgave him his [6] debt.  18741874    Matt. xviii. 28.And that servant went out, and found one of his fellow-servants, who owed him [Arabic, p. 104] a hundred pence;18751875    Lit. dinars. and he took him, and dealt severely with him, and said [7] unto him, Give me what thou owest.  18761876    Matt. xviii. 29.So the fellow-servant fell down at his [8] feet, and besought him, and said, Grant me respite, and I will pay thee.  18771877    Matt. xviii. 30.And he would not; but took him, and cast him into prison, till he should give him his debt.  [9] 18781878    Matt. xviii. 31.And when their fellow-servants saw what happened, it distressed them much; and [10] they came and told their lord of all that had taken place.  18791879    Matt. xviii. 32.Then his lord called him, and said unto him, Thou wicked servant, all that debt I forgave thee, because [11] thou besoughtest me:  18801880    Matt. xviii. 33.was it not then incumbent on thee also to have mercy on thy [12] fellow-servant, as I had mercy on thee?18811881    The interrogative particle is lacking in the Arabic.  18821882    Matt. xviii. 34.And his lord became wroth, and delivered [13] him to the scourgers, till he should pay all that he owed.  18831883    Matt. xviii. 35.So shall my Father which is in heaven do unto you, if one forgive not his brother his wrong conduct18841884    Or, folly. from [14] his heart.  18851885    Luke xvii. 3.Take heed within18861886    A very close reproduction of the Syriac. yourselves:  if thy brother sin, rebuke him; and if he [15] repent, forgive him.  18871887    Luke xvii. 4.And if he act wrongly towards thee seven times in a day, and on that day return seven times unto thee, and say, I repent towards thee; forgive him.  [16] 18881888    Matt. xviii. 15.And if thy brother act wrongly towards thee, go and reprove him between thee and [17] him alone:  if he hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.  18891889    Matt. xviii. 16.But if he hear thee not, take with thee one or two, and so18901890    Or, for. at the mouth of two or three every saying shall [18] be established.  18911891    Matt. xviii. 17.And if he listen not to these also, tell the congregation;18921892    This word usually means synagogue in this work. and if he listen not even to the congregation, let him be unto thee as a publican and a Gentile.18931893    Or, heathen.  [19] 18941894    Matt. xviii. 18.Verily I say unto you, All that ye bind on earth shall be bound in heaven:  [20] and what ye loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.  18951895    Matt. xviii. 19.I say unto you also, If two of you agree on earth to ask, everything shall18961896    Or, to ask everything, it shall. be granted them from my Father [21] [Arabic, p. 105] which is in heaven.  18971897    Matt. xviii. 20.For where two or three are gathered in my name, there [22] am I amongst them.  18981898    Matt. xviii. 21.Then Cephas drew near to him, and said unto him, My Lord, how many times, if my brother act wrongly towards me, should I forgive him? [23] until seven times?  18991899    Matt. xviii. 22.Jesus said unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven; but, Until seventy [24] times seven, seven.19001900    So Vat. ms., following the Syriac versions; Borg. ms. has only one seven.  19011901    Luke xii. 47.And the servant that knoweth his lord’s will, and maketh not [25] ready for him according to his will, shall meet with much punishment; 19021902    Luke xii. 48.but he that knoweth not, and doeth something for which he meriteth punishment, shall meet with slight punishment.  Every one to whom much hath been given, much shall be asked of him; and he that hath had much committed to him, much shall be [26] required at his hand.  19031903    Luke xii. 49.I came to cast fire upon the earth; and I would that it had [27] been kindled already.19041904    Lit. beforehand; and so often.  19051905    Luke xii. 50.And I have a baptism to be baptized with, and greatly am [28] I straitened till it be accomplished.  19061906    Matt. xviii. 10.See that ye despise not19071907    Or, repeating a letter, See that ye despise not. one of these little ones that believe in me.  Verily I say unto you, Their angels at all times see the [29] face of my Father which is in heaven.  19081908    Matt. xviii. 11.The Son of man came to save the thing which was lost.

[30] 19091909    John vii. 1.And after that, Jesus walked in Galilee; and he did not like to walk in Judæa, [31] because the Jews sought to kill him.  19101910    Luke xiii. 1.And there came people who told him of [32] the Galilæans, those whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices.  19111911    Luke xiii. 2.Jesus answered and said unto them, Do ye imagine that those Galilæans were sinners [33] more than all the Galilæans, so that this thing has come upon them?  19121912    Luke xiii. 3.Nay.  Verily I say unto you now,19131913    Borg. ms. omits now. that ye shall all also, if ye repent not, likewise perish.  [34] 19141914    Luke xiii. 4.Or perchance those eighteen on whom the palace fell in Siloam, and slew them, do ye imagine that they were to be condemned19151915    See note, § 10, 13. more than all the people that dwell [35] [Arabic, p. 106] in Jerusalem?  Nay.  19161916    Luke xiii. 5.Verily I say unto you, If ye do not all repent, ye shall perish like them.

[36] 19171917    Luke xiii. 6.And he spake unto them this parable:  A man had a fig tree planted in his vine86yard; [37] and he came and sought fruit thereon, and found none.  19181918    Luke xiii. 7.So he said to the husbandman, Lo, three years do I come and seek fruit on this fig tree, and find [38] none:  cut it down; why doth it render the ground unoccupied?  19191919    Luke xiii. 8.The husbandman said unto him, My lord, leave it this year also, that I may dig about it, and dung [39] it; 19201920    Luke xiii. 9.then if it bear fruit—! and if not, then cut it down in the coming year.

[40] 19211921    Luke xiii. 10.And when Jesus was teaching on the sabbath day in one of the synagogues, [41] there was there a woman that had a spirit of disease eighteen years; 19221922    Luke xiii. 11.and she was [42] bowed down, and could not straighten herself at all.  19231923    Luke xiii. 12.And Jesus saw her, and called [43] her, and said unto her, Woman, be loosed from thy disease.  19241924    Luke xiii. 13.And he put his hand [44] upon her; and immediately she was straightened, and praised God.  19251925    Luke xiii. 14.And the chief19261926    Lit. great (man). of the synagogue answered with anger, because Jesus had healed on a sabbath, and said unto the multitudes, There are six days in which work ought to be done; [45] come in them and be healed, and not on the sabbath day.  19271927    Luke xiii. 15.But Jesus answered and said unto him, Ye hypocrites, doth not each of you on the sabbath day loose [46] his ox or his ass from the manger, and go and water it?  19281928    Luke xiii. 16.Ought not this woman, who is a daughter of Abraham, and whom the devil19291929    Lit. calumniator. hath bound eighteen years, [47] to be loosed from this bond on the sabbath day?  19301930    Luke xiii. 17.And when he said this, they were all put to shame, those standing, who were opposing him:19311931    cf. Syriac versions.  and all the people were pleased with all the wonders that proceeded from his hand.

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