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It may be worth while to state here, that I have uniformly (mistakes excepted) put my chronological statements, at the head of introductions, into brackets, so as to make the reader sure that the Edinburgh edition is not to be responsible for them.  Some have inferred, therefore, that what follows is from the Edinburgh; but I think my modes of expression sufficient, generally, to guard against misconception.  Notes (like this) are sometimes marked, “By the American Editor,” when I have feared a misleading ambiguity.  Otherwise, I have been unguarded.  All the introductions in these “Remains” are mine, save the prefatory paragraphs of the translator on pp. 747, 748.  Annotations on my own material are not bracketed.  The very large amount of work bestowed upon this edition can only be known by comparison with the Edinburgh.  In several instances of delicate criticism I have obtained valuable aid from my beloved friend, F. P. Nash, Esq., of Hobart College, especially in questions of the low Latin or ambiguous Greek.


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