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Chapter 3.

Having therefore done many and dreadful things against Jesus that night, they gave Him up to Pilate the procurator at the dawn of the preparation, that he might crucify Him; and for this purpose they all came together.  After a trial, therefore, Pilate the procurator ordered Him to be nailed to the cross, along with the two robbers.  And they were nailed up along with Jesus, Gestas on the left, and Demas on the right.

And he that was on the left began to cry out, saying to Jesus:  See how many evil deeds I have done in the earth; and if I had known that thou wast the king, I should have cut off thee also.  And why dost thou call thyself Son of God, and canst not help thyself in necessity? how canst thou afford it to another one praying for help?  If thou art the Christ, come down from the cross, that I may believe in thee.  But now I see thee perishing along with me, not like a man, but like a wild beast.  And many other things he began to say against Jesus, blaspheming and gnashing his teeth upon Him.  For the robber was taken alive in the snare of the devil.20392039    2 Tim. ii. 26.

But the robber on the right hand, whose name was Demas, seeing the Godlike grace of Jesus, thus cried out:  I know Thee, Jesus Christ, that Thou art the Son of God.  I see Thee, Christ, adored by myriads of myriads of angels.  Pardon me my sins which I have done.  Do not in my trial make the stars come against me, or the moon, when Thou shalt judge all the world; because in the night I have accomplished my wicked purposes.  Do not urge the sun, which is now darkened on account of Thee, to tell the evils of my heart, for no gift can I give Thee for the remission of my sins.  Already death is coming upon me because of my sins; but Thine is the propitiation.  Deliver me, O Lord of all, from Thy fearful judgment.  Do not give the enemy power to swallow me up, and to become heir of my soul, as of that of him who is hanging on the left; for I see how the devil joyfully takes his soul, and his body disappears.  Do not even order me to go away into the portion of the Jews; for I see Moses and the patriarchs in great weeping, and the devil rejoicing over them.  Before, then, O Lord, my spirit departs, order my sins to be washed away, and remember me the sinner in Thy kingdom, when upon the great most lofty throne20402040    Or, upon the great throne of the Most High. thou shalt judge the twelve tribes of Israel.20412041    Matt. xix. 28.  For Thou hast prepared great punishment for Thy world on account of Thyself.

And the robber having thus spoken, Jesus says to him:  Amen, amen; I say to thee, Demas, that to-day thou shalt be with me in paradise.20422042    Luke xxiii. 43.  And the sons of the kingdom, the children of Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and Moses, shall be cast out into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.20432043    Matt. viii. 11, 12.  And thou alone shalt dwell in paradise until my second appearing, when I am to judge those who do not 470confess my name.  And He said to the robber:  Go away, and tell the cherubim and the powers, that turn the flaming sword, that guard paradise from the time that Adam, the first created, was in paradise, and sinned, and kept not my commandments, and I cast him out thence.  And none of the first shall see paradise until I am to come the second time to judge living and dead.  And He wrote thus:  Jesus Christ the Son of God, who have come down from the heights of the heavens, who have come forth out of the bosom of the invisible Father without being separated from Him,20442044    Lit., inseparably. and who have come down into the world to be made flesh, and to be nailed to a cross, in order that I might save Adam, whom I fashioned,—to my archangelic powers, the gatekeepers of paradise, to the officers of my Father:  I will and order that he who has been crucified along with me should go in, should receive remission of sins through me; and that he, having put on an incorruptible body, should go in to paradise, and dwell where no one has ever been able to dwell.

And, behold, after He had said this, Jesus gave up the ghost, on the day of the preparation, at the ninth hour.  And there was darkness over all the earth; and from a great earthquake that happened, the sanctuary fell down, and the wing of the temple.

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