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Chapter 5 (21).

Then all the saints, hearing this again, exulted in joy.  And one of those standing round, Isaias by name, cried out aloud, and thundered:  Father Adam, and all standing round, hear my declaration.  When I was on earth, and by the teaching of the Holy Spirit, in prophecy I sang of this light:  The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light; to them dwelling in the region of the shadow of death light has arisen.  At these words father Adam, and all of them, turned and asked him:  Who art thou? because what thou sayest is true.  And he subjoined, and said:  My name is Isaias.

Then appeared another near him, as if a hermit.  And they asked him, saying:  Who art thou, who bearest such an appearance in thy body?20092009    Or, who wearest such (things) on thy body.  And he firmly answered:  I am John the Baptist, voice and prophet of the Most High.  I went before the face of the same Lord, that I might make the waste and rough places into plain ways.  I with my finger pointed out and made manifest the Lamb of the Lord, and Son of God, to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.  I baptized Him in the river Jordan.  I heard the voice of the Father from heaven thundering over Him, and proclaiming, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.  I received from Him the answer that He would descend to the lower world

457Then father Adam, hearing this, cried with a loud voice, exclaiming:  Alleluia! which is, interpreted, The Lord is certainly coming.

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