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Chapter 10.

And when Jesus was scourged, he delivered Him to the Jews to be crucified, and two robbers with Him; one by name Dismas, and the other by name Gestas.  And when they came to the place, they stripped Him of His garments, and girt Him about with a linen cloth, and put a crown of thorns upon His head.  Likewise also they hanged the two robbers with Him, Dismas on the right and Gestas on the left.  And Jesus said:  Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.  And the soldiers parted His garments among them.  And the people stood waiting; and their chief priests and judges mocked Him, saying among themselves:  He saved others, now let him save himself; if he is the Son of God, let him come down from the cross.  And the soldiers mocked Him, falling prostrate19621962    Procidentes; but this, according to the Greek, should be procedentes, coming before Him. before Him, and offering vinegar with gall, and saying:  If thou art the King of the Jews, set thyself free.

And Pilate, after sentence, ordered a title to be written in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin letters, according to what the Jews said:  This is the King of the Jews.

And one of the robbers who were hanged, by name Gestas, said to Him:  If thou art the Christ, free thyself and us.  And Dismas answering, rebuked him, saying:  Dost not even thou fear God, who art in this condemnation? for we justly and deservedly have received those things which we endure; but He has done no evil.  And he kept saying to Jesus:  Remember me, Lord, in Thy kingdom.  And Jesus said to him:  Verily I say unto thee, that to-day shalt thou be with me in paradise.

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