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Chapter 6.

And of the Jews a certain other one, starting up, asks the governor that he might say a word.  The governor says:  What thou wishest to say, say.  And he said:  For thirty-eight years I lay in infirmity in my bed in very grievous pain.  And at the coming of Jesus, many demoniacs, and persons held down by divers infirmities, were healed by him.  And some young men had pity on me; and carrying me in my bed, laid me before him.  And Jesus, seeing, had pity on me, and said the word to me, Take up thy bed, and walk.  And immediately I was made whole; I took up my bed, and walked.  The Jews say to Pilate:  Ask him what was the day on which he was healed.  He said:  The Sabbath.  The Jews say:  Have we not so informed thee, that on the Sabbath he heals, and drives out demons?

And a certain other Jew starting up, said:  I was born blind; I heard a voice, and saw no man.  And as Jesus was passing by, I cried out with a loud voice, Have pity upon me, thou son of David.  And he had pity upon me, and laid his hands upon my eyes, and I saw immediately.  And another Jew starting up, said:  I was hunchbacked, and he straightened me with a word.  And another said:  I was leprous, and he healed me with a word.

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