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Chapter 6.

And when Nicodemus had thus spoken, another Hebrew rose up, and said to Pilate:  I beg of thee, my lord Pilate, hear me also.  Pilate answered:  Say what thou wishest.  The Hebrew says:  I lay sick in bed thirty-eight years; and when he saw me he was grieved, and said to me, Rise, take up thy couch, and go into thine house.  And while he was saying the word to me, I rose and walked about.  The Hebrews say:  Ask him on what day of the week this happened.  He says:  On Sabbath.18861886    John v. 5–9.  The Jews said:  And consequently we say truly, that he does not keep the Sabbath.

Another, again, standing in the midst, said:  I was born blind; and as Jesus was going along the road, I cried to him, saying, Have mercy upon me, Lord, thou son of David.  And he took clay, and anointed mine eyes; and straightway I received my sight.18871887    John ix. 6, 7.  Another said:  I was crooked; and seeing him, I cried, Have mercy upon me, O Lord.  And he took me by the hand, and I was immediately raised.18881888    Comp. Acts iii. 7.  Another said:  I was a leper, and he healed me merely by a word.18891889    Luke xvii. 11–19.

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