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Chapter 6.

One of the Jews, stepping up, asked leave of the procurator to say a word.  The procurator says:  If thou wishest to say any thing, say on.  And the Jew said:  Thirty-eight years I lay in my bed in great agony.  And when Jesus came, many demoniacs, and many lying ill of various diseases, were cured by him.  And some young men, taking pity on me, carried me, bed and all, and took me to him.  And when Jesus saw me, he had compassion on me, and said to me:  Take up thy couch and walk.  And I took up my couch, and walked.  The Jews say to Pilate:  Ask him on what day it was that he was cured.  He that had been cured says:  On a Sabbath.18241824    John v. 5–9.  The Jews say:  Is not this the very thing that we said, that on a Sabbath he cures and casts out demons?

And another Jew stepped up and said:  I was born blind; I heard sounds, but saw not a face.  And as Jesus passed by, I cried out with a loud voice, Pity me, O son of David.  And he pitied me, and put his hands upon my eyes, and I instantly received my sight.18251825    Mark x. 46, etc.  And another Jew stepped up and said:  I was crooked, and he straightened me with a word.  And another said:  I was a leper, and he cured me with a word.18261826    Matt. viii. 1–4, etc.

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