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Chapter 1.

Having called a council, the high priests and scribes Annas and Caiaphas and Semes and Dathaes, and Gamaliel, Judas, Levi and Nephthalim, Alexander and Jaïrus,18041804    There is in themss. great variation as to these names. and the rest of the Jews, came to Pilate accusing Jesus about many things, saying:  We know this man to be the son of Joseph the carpenter, born of Mary; and he says that he is the Son of God, and a king; moreover, he profanes the Sabbath, and wishes to do away with the law of our fathers.  Pilate says:  And what are the things which he does, to show that he wishes to do away with it?18051805    Lit., and wishes to do away with it.  The Jews say:  We have a law not to cure any one on the Sabbath; but this man18061806    Compare with this, Lactantius, iv. 17.  The Jews brought charges against Jesus, that He did away with the law of God given by Moses; that is, that He did not rest on the Sabbath, etc. has on the Sabbath cured the lame and the crooked, the withered and the blind and the paralytic, the dumb and the demoniac, by evil practices.  Pilate says to them:  What evil practices?  They say to him:  He is a magician, and by Beelzebul prince of the demons he casts out the demons, and all are subject to him.  Pilate says to them:  This is not casting out the demons by an unclean spirit, but by the god Æsculapius.

417The Jews say to Pilate:  we entreat your highness that he stand at thy tribunal, and be heard.18071807    Another reading is:  We entreat your highness to go into the prætorium, and question him.  For Jesus was standing outside with the crowd.  And Pilate having called them, says:  Tell me how I, being a procurator, can try a king?  They say to him:  We do not say that he is a king, but he himself says that he is.  And Pilate having called the runner, says to him:  Let Jesus be brought in with respect.  And the runner going out, and recognising Him, adored Him, and took his cloak into his hand, and spread it on the ground, and says to him:  My lord, walk on this, and come in, for the procurator calls thee.  And the Jews seeing what the runner had done, cried out against Pilate, saying:  Why hast thou ordered him to come in by a runner, and not by a crier? for assuredly the runner, when he saw him, adored him, and spread his doublet on the ground, and made him walk like a king.

And Pilate having called the runner, says to him:  Why hast thou done this, and spread out thy cloak upon the earth, and made Jesus walk upon it?  The runner says to him:  My lord procurator, when thou didst send me to Jerusalem to Alexander,18081808    Probably the Alexander mentioned in Acts iv. 6. I saw him sitting upon an ass, and the sons of the Hebrews held branches in their hands, and shouted; and other spread their clothes under him saying, Save now, thou who art in the highest:  blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.18091809    Matt. xxi. 8, 9.

The Jews cry out, and say to the runner:  The sons of the Hebrews shouted in Hebrew; whence then hast thou the Greek?  The runner says to them:  I asked one of the Jews, and said, What is it they are shouting in Hebrew?  And he interpreted it for me.  Pilate says to them:  And what did they shout in Hebrew?  The Jews say to him:  Hosanna membrome Baruchamma Adonaï.18101810    Ps. cxviii. 25Hosyah na bimromim baruch hobba (b’shem) Adonai.  Pilate says to them:  And this hosanna, etc., how is it interpreted?  The Jews say to him:  Save now in the highest; blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.  Pilate says to them:  If you bear witness to the words spoken by the children, in what has the runner done wrong?  And they were silent.  And the procurator says to the runner:  Go out, and bring him in what way thou wilt.  And the runner going out, did in the same manner as before, and says to Jesus:  My lord, come in; the procurator calleth thee.

And Jesus going in, and the standard-bearers holding their standards, the tops of the standards were bent down, and adored Jesus.  And the Jews seeing the bearing of the standards, how they were bent down and adored Jesus, cried18111811    Another reading is:  Annas and Caiaphas and Joseph, the three false witnesses, began to cry out, etc. out vehemently against the standard-bearers.  And Pilate says to the Jews:  Do you not wonder how the tops of the standards were bent down, and adored Jesus?  The Jews say to Pilate:  We saw how the standard-bearers bent them down, and adored him.  And the procurator having called the standard-bearers, says to them:  Why have you done this?  They say to Pilate:  We are Greeks and temple-slaves, and how could we adore him? and assuredly, as we were holding them up, the tops bent down of their own accord, and adored him.

Pilate says to the rulers of the synagogue and the elders of the people:  Do you choose for yourselves men strong and powerful, and let them hold up the standards, and let us see whether they will bend down with them.  And the elders of the Jews picked out twelve men powerful and strong, and made them hold up the standards six by six; and they were placed in front of the procurator’s tribunal.  And Pilate says to the runner:  Take him outside of the prætorium, and bring him in again in whatever way may please thee.  And Jesus and the runner went out of the prætorium.  And Pilate, summoning those who had formerly held up the standards, says to them:  I have sworn by the health of Cæsar, that if the standards do not bend down when Jesus comes in, I will cut off your heads.  And the procurator ordered Jesus to come in the second time.  And the runner did in the same manner as before, and made many entreaties to Jesus to walk on his cloak.  And He walked on it, and went in.  And as He went in, the standards were again bent down, and adored Jesus.

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