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Chapter IV.—What the Lord Jesus Did in the City of Nazareth.

It is glorious that Thomas the Israelite and apostle of the Lord gives an account also of the works of Jesus after He came out of Egypt into Nazareth.  Understand all of you, my dearest brethren, what the Lord Jesus did when He was in the city of Nazareth; the first chapter of which is as follows:—

And when Jesus was five years old, there fell a great rain upon the earth, and the boy Jesus walked up and down through it.  And there was a terrible rain, and He collected it into a fish-pond, and ordered it by His word to become clear.  And immediately it became so.  Again He took of the clay which was of that fish-pond, and made of it to the number of twelve sparrows.  And it was the Sabbath when Jesus did this among the boys of the Jews.  And the boys of the Jews went away, and said to Joseph His father:  Behold, thy son was playing along with us, and he took clay and made sparrows, which it was not lawful to do on the Sabbath; and he has broken it.  And Joseph went away to the boy Jesus, and said to Him:  Why hast thou done this, which it was not lawful to do on the Sabbath?  And Jesus opened His hands, and ordered the sparrows, saying:  Go up into the air, and fly; nobody shall kill you.  And they flew, and began to cry out, and praise God Almighty.  And the Jews seeing what had hap401pened, wondered, and went away and told the miracles which Jesus had done.  But a Pharisee who was with Jesus took an olive branch, and began to let the water out of the fountain which Jesus had made.  And when Jesus saw this, He said to him in a rage:  Thou impious and ignorant Sodomite, what harm have my works the fountains of water done thee?  Behold, thou shalt become like a dry tree, having neither roots, nor leaves, nor fruit.  And immediately he dried up, and fell to the ground, and died.  And his parents took him away dead, and reproached Joseph, saying:  See what thy son has done; teach him to pray, and not to blaspheme.

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