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Chapter 22.

After this, while they were going on their journey, Joseph said to Jesus:  Lord, it is a boiling heat; if it please Thee, let us go by the sea-shore, that we may be able to rest in the cities on the coast.  Jesus said to him:  Fear not, Joseph; I will shorten the way for you, so that what you would have taken thirty days to go over, you shall accomplish in this one day.  And while they were thus speaking, behold, they looked forward, and began to see the mountains and cities of Egypt.

And rejoicing and exulting, they came into the regions of Hermopolis, and entered into a certain city of Egypt which is called Sotinen;16631663    Or, Sotrina. and because they knew no one there from whom they could ask hospitality, they went into a temple which was called the Capitol of Egypt.  And in this temple there had been set up three hundred and fifty-five idols,16641664    No nation was so given to idolatry, and worshipped such a countless number of monsters, as the Egyptians.—Jerome on Isaiah. to each of which on its own day divine honours and sacred rites were paid.  For the Egyptians belonging to the same city entered the Capitol, in which the priests told them how many sacrifices were offered each day, according to the honour in which the god was held.

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