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Chapter 42.

And Joseph having come to a feast with his sons, James, Joseph, and Judah, and Simeon and his two daughters, Jesus met them, with Mary His mother, along with her sister Mary of Cleophas, whom the Lord God had given to her father Cleophas and her mother Anna, because they had offered Mary the mother of Jesus to the Lord.  And she was called by the same name, Mary, for the consolation of her parents.16901690    One of themss. has:  And when Joseph, worn out with old age, died and was buried with his parents, the blessed Mary lived with her nephews, or with the children of her sisters; for Anna and Emerina were sisters.  Of Emerina was born Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist.  And as Anna, the mother of the blessed Mary, was very beautiful, when Joachim was dead she was married to Cleophas, by whom she had a second daughter.  She called her Mary, and gave her to Alphæus to wife; and of her was born James the son of Alphæus, and Philip his brother.  And her second husband having died, Anna was married to a third husband named Salome, by whom she had a third daughter.  She called her Mary likewise, and gave her to Zebedee to wife; and of her were born James the son of Zebedee, and John the Evangelist.
   Another passage to the same effect is prefixed to the Gospel.  It reads Emeria for Emerina, and Joseph for Philip.  It ends with a quotation from Jerome’s sermon upon Easter:—We read in the Gospels that there were four Mary’s—first, the mother of the Lord the Saviour; second, His maternal aunt, who was called Mary of Cleophas; third, Mary the mother of James and Joseph, fourth, Mary Magdalene—though some maintain that the mother of James and Joseph was His aunt.

   The same ms. thus concludes:  The holy Apostle and Evangelist John with his own hand wrote this little book in Hebrew, and the learned doctor Jerome rendered it from Hebrew into Latin.
  And when they had come together, Jesus sanctified and blessed them, and He was the first to begin to eat and drink; for none of them dared to eat or drink, or to sit at table, or to break bread, until He had sanctified them, and first done so.  And if He hap383pened to be absent, they used to wait until He should do this.  And when He did not wish to come for refreshment, neither Joseph nor Mary, nor the sons of Joseph, His brothers, came.  And, indeed, these brothers, keeping His life as a lamp before their eyes, observed Him, and feared Him.  And when Jesus slept, whether by day or by night, the brightness of God shone upon Him.  To whom be all praise and glory for ever and ever.  Amen, amen.

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