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Homily XII.

Chapter I.—Two Bands.

Therefore starting from Tripolis of Phœnicia to go to Antioch of Syria, on the same day we came to Orthasia, and there stayed.11411141    [On the correspondence of Homilies XII., XIII., with Recognitions, vii., see note on vii. 1.  Chaps. 1–24 here agree quite closely, even in the divisions of chapters, with Recognitions, vii. 1–24.—R.]  And on account of its being near the city which we had left, almost all having heard the preaching before, we stopped there only one day, and set out to Antaradus.  And as there were many who journeyed with us, Peter, addressing Nicetus and Aquila, said, “Inasmuch as the great crowd of those who journey with us draws upon us no little envy as we enter city after city, I have thought that we must of necessity arrange, so that neither, on the one hand, these may be grieved at being prevented from accompanying us, nor, on the other hand, we, by being so conspicuous, may fall under the envy of the wicked.11421142    Literally, “of wickedness.”  Wherefore I wish you, Nicetus and Aquila, to go before me in two separate bodies, and enter secretly into the Gentile cities.

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