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Homily VI.

Chapter I.—Clement Meets Appion.

And on the third day, when I came with my friends to the appointed place in Tyre, I found Appion sitting between Anubion and Athenodorus, and waiting for us, along with many other learned men.  But in no wise dismayed, I greeted them, and sat down opposite Appion.  And in a little he began to speak:—

“I wish to start from the following point, and to come with all speed at once to the question.  Before you, my son Clement, joined us, my friend Anubion here, and Athenodorus, who yesterday were among those who heard you discourse, were reporting to me what you said of the numerous false accusations I brought against the gods when I was visiting you in Rome, at the time you were shamming love, how I charged them with pæderasty, lasciviousness, and numerous incests of all kinds.  But, my son, you ought to have known that I was not in earnest when I wrote such things about the gods, but was concealing the truth, from my love to you.  That truth, however, if it so please you, you may hear from me now.

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