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Book V.

Chapter I.—Peter’s Salutation.

But on the following day,751751    [Book v. has a partial parallel in Homily X., which is assigned to the second day at Tripolis.  The matter here is more extensive.  Chaps. 1, 2, show some resemblance to Homily X. 3–6.—R.] Peter rising a little earlier than usual, found us asleep; and when he saw it, he gave orders that silence should be kept for him, as though he himself wished to sleep longer, that we might not be disturbed in our rest.  But when we rose refreshed with sleep, we found him, having finished his prayer, waiting for us in his bed-chamber.  And as it was already dawn, he addressed us shortly, saluting us according to his custom, and forthwith proceeded to the usual place for the purpose of teaching; and when he saw that many had assembled there, having invoked peace upon them according to the first religious form, he began to speak as follows:—

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