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Chapter XXXVII.—The Congregation Dismissed.

When he had thus spoken, and had charged them to come to the same place in good time on the following day, he dismissed the crowds; and when they were unwilling to depart, Peter said to them:  “Do me this favour on account of the fatigue of yesterday’s journey; and now go away, and meet in good time to-morrow.”  And so they departed with joy.  But Peter, commanding me to withdraw a little for the purpose of prayer,750750    Clement, being not yet baptized, is represented as not permitted to join with the disciples, even in prayer.  [Comp. i. 19, ii. 70–72.  This separation is indicated in the Homilies, but more emphasis is placed upon it in the Recognitions.—R.] afterwards ordered the couches to be spread in the part of the garden which was covered with shade; and every one, according to custom, recognising the place of his own rank, we took food.  Then, as there was still some portion of the day left, he conversed with us concerning the Lord’s miracles; and when evening was come, he entered his bed-chamber and went to sleep.


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