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77Recognitions of Clement.


Book I.

Chapter I.—Clement’s Early History; Doubts.

I Clement, who was born in the city of Rome,534534    [The first six chapters closely resemble the corresponding chapters of Homily I.  The variations are no greater than might readily appear in a version.—R.] was from my earliest age a lover of chastity; while the bent of my mind held me bound as with chains of anxiety and sorrow.  For a thought that was in me—whence originating, I cannot tell—constantly led me to think of my condition of mortality, and to discuss such questions as these:  Whether there be for me any life after death, or whether I am to be wholly annihilated:  whether I did not exist before I was born, and whether there shall be no remembrance of this life after death, and so the boundlessness of time shall consign all things to oblivion and silence; so that not only we shall cease to be, but there shall be no remembrance that we have ever been.  This also I revolved in my mind:  when the world was made, or what was before it was made, or whether it has existed from eternity.  For it seemed certain, that if it had been made, it must be doomed to dissolution; and if it be dissolved, what is to be afterwards?—unless, perhaps, all things shall be buried in oblivion and silence, or something shall be, which the mind of man cannot now conceive.

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