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280Fragments from the Writings of Peter.


I.—Letter to the Church at Alexandria.23502350    From Gallandius.

Peter, to the brethren beloved and established in the faith of God, peace in the Lord. Since I have found out that Meletius acts in no way for the common good,—for neither is he contented with the letter of the most holy bishops and martyrs,—but, invading my parish,23512351    [See p. 240, supra. But note, the parish was greater than the diocese in ancient terminology.] hath assumed so much to himself as to endeavour to separate from my authority the priests,23522352    [Presbyters.] and those who had been entrusted with visiting the needy;23532353    [Deacons.] and, giving proof of his desire for pre-eminence, has ordained in the prison several unto himself; now, take ye heed to this, and hold no communion with him, until I meet him in company with some wise and discreet men, and see what the designs are which he has thought upon. Fare ye well.

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