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Topic XI.

If any one affirms that the body of Christ is void of soul and understanding,419419    ἄψυχον και ἀνόητον. and refuses to acknowledge that He is perfect man, one and the same in all things (with us), let him be anathema.


How could one say that the body of the Lord (Christ) is void of soul and understanding? For perturbation, and grief, and distress, are not the properties either of a flesh void of soul, or of a soul void of understanding; nor are they the sign of the immutable Divinity, nor the index of a mere phantasm, nor do they mark the defect of human weakness; but the Word exhibited in Himself the exercise of the affections and susceptibilities proper to us, having endued Himself with our passibility, even as it is written, that “He hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows.”420420    Isa. liii. 4. For perturbation, and grief, and distress, are disorders of soul; and toil, and sleep, and the body’s liability to wounding, are infirmities of the flesh.

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