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234A Fragment of the Same Disputation.21552155    From Cyril of Jerusalem, Catecheses, vi. § 27–29. [And see the Introductory Notice, p. 175.]


The fragment is introduced by Cyril in the following terms: —He, i.e., Manes, fled from prison and came into Mesopotamia; but there he was met by that buckler of righteousness,21562156    Reading ὅπλον δικαιοσύνης . Others read ὅπλῳ = Archelaus met him with the buckler of righteousness. Bishop Archelaus. And in order to bring him to the test in the presence of philosophical judges, this person convened an assembly of Grecian auditors, so as to preclude the possibility of its being alleged that the judges were partial, as might have been the case had they been Christians. Then the matter proceeded as we shall now indicate:

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