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From His Seven Books of Hypotyposes or Outlines.


I.12521252    From book ii. In Athanasius, On the Decrees of the Nicene Council, sec. xxv. From the edition BB., Paris, 1698, vol. i. part i. p. 230. Athanasius introduces this fragment in the following terms:—Learn then, ye Christ-opposing Arians, that Theognostus, a man of learning, did not decline to use the expression “of the substance” (ἐκ τῆς οὐσίας). For, writing of the Son in the second book of his Outlines, he has spoken thus: The substance of the Son.—Tr.

The substance12531253    οὐσία. of the Son is not a substance devised extraneously,12541254    ἔξωθεν ἐφευρεθεῖσα. nor is it one introduced out of nothing;12551255    ἐκ μὴ ὄντων ἐπεισήχθη. but it was born of the substance of the Father, as the reflection of light or as the steam of water. For the reflection is not the sun itself, and the steam is not the water itself, nor yet again is it anything alien; neither is He Himself the Father, nor is He alien, but He is12561256    The words in italics were inserted by Routh from a Catena on the Epistle to the Hebrews, where they are ascribed to Theognostus: “He Himself” is the Son. an emanation12571257    ἀπόῤῥοια. from the substance of the Father, this substance of the Father suffering the while no partition. For as the sun remains the same and suffers no diminution from the rays that are poured out by it, so neither did the substance of the Father undergo any change in having the Son as an image of itself.

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