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242Appendix to the Works of Hippolytus.

Containing Dubious and Spurious Pieces.


A discourse18781878    This discourse seems to have been a homily addressed to the people. Fabricius, Works of Hippolytus, vol. ii. by the most blessed Hippolytus, bishop and martyr, on the end of the world, and on Antichrist, and on the second coming of our lord Jesus Christ.


Since, then, the blessed prophets have been eyes to us, setting forth for our behoof the clear declaration of things secret, both through life, and through declaration, and through inspiration18791879    ἐπιφοιτήσεως. of the Holy Spirit, and discoursing, too, of things not yet come to pass,18801880    γεγονότα.  Codex Baroccianus gives εὑρηκότα. in this way also18811881    ὅθεν καί, etc. to all generations they have pictured forth the grandest subjects for contemplation and for action.  Thus, too, they preached of the advent of God18821882    Others, τοῦ υἰοῦ τοῦ Θεοῦ, of the Son of God. in the flesh to the world, His advent by the spotless and God-bearing18831883    θεοτόκου.  [The epithet applied to the Blessed Virgin by the “Council of Ephesus,” against Nestorius, a.d. 431. Elucidation, p. 259.] This is one of those terms which some allege not to have been yet in use in the time of Hippolytus. But, as Migne observes, if there were no other argument than this against the genuineness of this discourse, this would not avail much, as the term is certainly used by Origen, Methodius, and Dionysius Alex., who were nearly coeval with Hippolytus. Mary in the way of birth and growth, and the manner of His life and conversation with men, and His manifestation by baptism, and the new birth that was to be to all men, and the regeneration by the laver; and the multitude of His miracles, and His blessed passion on the cross, and the insults which He bore at the hands of the Jews, and His burial, and His descent to Hades, and His ascent again, and redemption of the spirits that were of old,18841884    ἀπ᾽ αἰώνων. and the destruction of death, and His life-giving awaking from the dead, and His re-creation of the whole world, and His assumption and return to heaven, and His reception of the Spirit, of which the apostles were deemed worthy, and again the second coming, that is destined to declare all things. For as being designated seers,18851885    βλέποντες. they of necessity signified and spake of these things beforetime.

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