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240Fragments from Other Writings of Hippolytus.18641864    Preserved by the author of the Chronicon Paschale, ex ed. Cangii, p. 6.


Now Hippolytus, a martyr for piety, who was bishop of the place called Portus, near Rome, in his book Against all Heresies, wrote in these terms:—

I perceive, then, that the matter is one of contention. For he18651865    i.e., the opponent of Hippolytus, one of the forerunners of the Quartodecimans. speaks thus: Christ kept the supper, then, on that day, and then suffered; whence it is needful that I, too, should keep it in the same manner as the Lord did. But he has fallen into error by not perceiving that at the time when Christ suffered He did not eat the passover of the law.18661866    [For pro & con see Speaker’s Com., note to Matt. xxvi.] For He was the passover that had been of old proclaimed, and that was fulfilled on that determinate day.

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