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Another Fragment from the Same.

Translated in the Same Epistle to Avitus.

“At the end and consummation of the world, when souls and rational creatures shall have been sent forth as from bolts and barriers,20662066    De quibusdam repagulis atque carceribus.  There is an allusion here to the race-course and the mode of starting the chariots. some of them walk slowly on account of their slothful habits, others fly with rapid flight on account of their diligence.  And since all are possessed of free-will, and may of their own accord admit either of good or evil, the former will be in a worse condition than they are at present, while the latter will advance to a better state of things; because different conduct and varying wills will admit of a different condition in either direction, i.e., angels may become men or demons, and again from the latter they may rise to be men or angels.”

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