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The works of the great Adamantinus may be classed under the following divisions:

(1)  Exegetical Works.

These comprise Σχόλια, brief notes on Scripture, of which only fragments remain:  Τόμοι, Commentaries, lengthened expositions, of which we possess considerable portions, including those on Matthew, John, and Epistle to the Romans; and about 200 Homilies, upon the principal books of the Old and New Testaments, a full list of which may be seen in Migne’s edition.  In these works his peculiar system of interpretation found ample scope for exercise; and although he carried out his principle of allegorizing many things, which in their historical and literal signification offended his exegetical sense, he nevertheless maintains that “the passages which hold good in their historical acceptation are much more numerous than those which contain a purely spiritual meaning.”18981898    [De Princip., b. iv. i. 19.  S.]  The student will find much that is striking and suggestive in his remarks upon the various passages which he brings under review.  For an account of his method of interpreting Scripture, and the grounds on which he based it, the reader may consult the fourth book of the treatise On the Principles.

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