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LXX.—I Speak to the Elder-Born.

The time demands that I alone should speak to you truth.

He is often admonished by one word which 217many refuse.  I wish you to turn your hatred against me alone, that the hearts of all may tremble at the tempter.  Look to the saying that truly begets hatred, (and consider) how many things I have lately indeed foretold concerning a delusive peace, while, alas, the enticing seducer has come upon you unawares, and because ye have not known how that his wiles were imminent, ye have perished; ye work absolutely bitter things, but that is itself the characteristic of the world; not any one for whom ye intercede acts for nothing.  He who takes refuge from your fire, plunges in the whirlpool.  Then the wretch, stripped naked, seeks assistance from you.  The judges themselves shudder at your frauds…of a shorter title, I should not labour at so many lines.  Ye who teach, look upon those to whom ye willingly tend, when for yourselves ye both receive banquets and feed upon them.  For those things are ye already almost entering the foundations of the earth.

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