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Eusebius seems to have had a MS. that presented the same problems as ours,666666Namely, that the Second Apology precedes the First, as if a preface to it. Eusebius knew that Justin wrote two Apologies, but seems to quote from both of the preserved ones as the First. It may be that our Second Apology is a mere supplement to the First, and that Justin's Second, if there was one, is now lost. I think, however, it is more likely that the Second, which begins very abruptly, lost its opening in an early MS. and then was copied in the wrong position—rather like what is often supposed to have happened with II Corinthians. and to have known only the titles of other lost works. In those Justin developed the Greek, as the Dialogue develops the Jewish, elements of the First Apology.667667To the Greeks, another called A Refutation, and On the Sovereignty of God, which used classical quotations (the Pseudo-Justinian work with this title seems to be a feebler exercise on the theme); also Psaltes, perhaps a collection of hymns, and On the Soul, which might be an expansion of Dial., chs. 4; 5. Justin would be known to us only by a few spasmodic quotations had not a Byzantine scribe copied an invaluable, if defective, MS., in the year 1364. This is now Codex Regius 150 at Paris, and is the almost exclusive source for editions of Justin, supplemented only by the quotations of Eusebius and John of Damascus and three chapters (65 to 67) in a manuscript at Rome (Codex Ottobonianus Graecus 274). Consequently the editing of Justin's text is almost entirely a matter of conjectural emendation, which is necessary in places but has certainly been employed too freely by some editors. The first printed edition was that of Stephanus at Paris in 1551, since which time Justin has come into his own among the students of Christian literature.



Background and General

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All Church histories and histories of doctrine deal with the Apologists. See especially the histories of doctrine by Harnack, McGiffert, and Tixeront, and

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Editions of the Works of Justin Martyr

Critical Editions of the Text:

Thirlby, S., London, 1722.

Maran, P., Paris, 1742 (the Benedictine edition, reprinted in Migne, Patrologia Graeca, Vol. VI. Paris, 1857).

Otto, J. C., Jena, 1842 (3d ed., 1876–1881).

Krüger, G., Leipzig, 1896 (3d ed., Tübingen, 1915).

Goodspeed, E. J., Göttingen, 1914 (in Die ältesten Apologeten).

Editions with Commentary:

Blunt, A. W. F., The Apologies of Justin Martyr (in Cambridge Patristic Texts). Cambridge, 1911.

Pfättisch, J. M., Justinus des Philosophen und Märtyrers Apologien. Munich, 1912.

Gildersleeve, B. L., The Apologies of Justin Martyr. New York, 1877.

The present translation is based on Krüger's text in Blunt's edition.

Translations of the Works of Justin Martyr


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Some Studies of Justin

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